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buy revitol cellulite cream

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite Completely

natural ways to get rid of cellulite completelyWhat’s cellulite? Contrary to what you may have overheard, the real truth about it is that cellulite is simply fat. The subcutaneous tissue that’s placed underneath the skin is an active energy reserve that’s linked to the person’s metabolism and is affected by caloric balance. When the caloric balance reduces as a result of physical activity or lower intake of calorie, the reserve is reduced (lipolysis), and when the balance goes up the reserve increases (liposynthesis). Like all other body issues, the subcutaneous adipose tissue is supplied with blood (microcirculation).

Hormonal and vascular ailments, usually caused by a sedentary lifestyle, stress, liver disease, irregular bowl function, improper nutrition, and fluid retention, combined in a number of ways, can badly affect the adipose tissue and particularly the microcirculation. In such cases, the after cells are broken down and their content, the triglycerides, are spread in the gap between the problem-causing cells in microcirculation and preventing the normal supply of blood. If these metabolic and anatomical disorders last for longer time periods, then they result to the development of additional alterations in adipose tissue (lipodystrophy), which leads to problems in the connective tissue of the skin and loss of elasticity.

Cellulite is a skin condition that occurs in most adult women and some men too. It’s characterized by lumpiness and nodularity and is seen mainly in the lower limbs, forming an orange peel-like appearance.

Cellulite develops in stages. The initial stage is caused by slight imbalances in the cells and capillaries, as a result of poor circulation of blood. Action should be taken at this point so as to eliminate the causes of reduced blood flow. In case this condition is left untouched, the body reacts by separating the areas where the cells’ structure has been altered, leading to the second stage. The second stage is features the production of new collagen fibers that encapsulates the affected area. The third stages is characterized by nodules formation, becoming bigger and more excruciating and spreading over the hips, thighs, knees, and even the abdomen in some cases.

Although cellulite treatment has turned out to be a disturbing issue among many people, there are very effective natural ways one can follow to assist in achieving their goals. Cellulite is among the most troubling skin condition that usually occur more among women than men.

Cellulite normally lowers one’s self-esteem because of the unpleasant look formed on your skin. Once you’re done with reading this article, you’ll be in a position to treat cellulite because the article outlines briefly a number of the most effective natural ways to treat cellulite.

1. Physical activity

Physical activity is a key element in getting rid of cellulite. Most people surely know that exercise protects your health, but not everyone knows that it impacts positively on cellulite. Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises allow blood circulation, which helps get rid of fat faster. The type of exercise chosen isn’t important: start by walking, jogging, running, swimming, etc.

2. Regulating diet

You’ll get better results when you combine exercise with the right nutrition. It’s crucial following a diet that is rich in vegetables and fiber – take at least 3 meals a day. Avoid fatty foods, sugars and alcohol and avoid the excessive intake of coffee (not more than 2 to 3 cups a day) as well. It’s also crucial to avoid salty foods, because they increase the retention of water. Besides, eat a lot of fruits and drink plenty of water daily. Water consumption can be quite helpful, as it allows the optimal eradication of toxics and waste.

3. Dry Brush

By applying a natural bristle brush to massage the affected areas, you’ll enhance the circulation of blood and rouse the lymph glands while offering gentle exfoliation to the skin. You’ll get fast improvement in appearance of the skin and eliminate cellulite eventually.

It’s good to brush the affected areas 3 times a week for five minutes right before hitting the shower. It’s crucial to use a circular motion while you rub the skin gently. For even quicker results, use a brush which has been dipped into pure coconut oil to rub the skin. It works in providing hydration and nourishment leaving your skin super supple.

4. Coffee Scrub

This is deemed as one of the most effective way to treat cellulite. It’s best with the use of coffee grounds which offer gentle exfoliation and stimulate the flow of blood to the area while providing an antioxidant effect which guards the skin against damage. You can apply coffee grounds mixed with some hot water to form a paste. Alternatively, you may mix them with honey or olive oil. In this way you’ll moisturize and nourish your skin for a better look. The ratio of coffee grounds to the solvent should be 2:1. For the best results, apply the scrub on a dry, hydrated skin for ten minutes 2 times per week.

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The good thing about natural ways of treating cellulite is that you can combine all of them for the best results. Take a step now!